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RT- PCR Kits


Real Time –PCR Kits

BIORON Diagnostics is focused on PCR Molecular Diagnostic. Our products are used to analyse nucleic acid sequences. The results from this analysis can detect:


IVD Kits for Real-Time PCR show qualitative or quantitative the infection with viral or bacterial pathogens.

Cancer Mutation

Kits allow to determine the most suitable treatment for different cancer diseases.

Antibiotic Resistance

Kits to determine all known Antibiotic resistances in Bacteria to allow fast recognition of Nosocomials.

Food Analysis

You want to detect pork or horse tissue in food? These and many other species can be found in all kind of food.


Kit allows to determine the most suitable diet. The result shows which nutrigenetic type you are.


For Standard PCR

Extraction Kits

For DNA, RNA and FFPE based on magnetic beads.


Components for PCR like Polymerases, dNTPs and ready Mixes for your IVD products.